Day Ten Teo

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We blew past Padrón to get a head start on Santiago tomorrow. I can’t believe we will arrive tomorrow. There are only 8 of us at this albergue and 6 of us are American. All 8 of us had dinner together which was nice. We were walking troopers today. I am glad that we got back to walking though neighborhoods on small farms, these are my favorite parts of walking on this journey. I want to remember every detail and look forward to going through photos later on. Today was meant to be 11 miles, but we did about 17. Getting sleepy.

Buen Camino

bikes shell wall

There were more bikes again today. We saw one group that had sped past us earlier Paulstopped on the trail because something was wrong with one of their bikes. Huge proud wife moment when my MacGyver of a husband stops and helps repair the bike using a rock with a specific pointy end.  As we got closer to the town we were going to sleep at that night, a young Spanish girl came out of her house and tried to sell us handmade bracelets. Of course we bought a couple, though Paul got hustled on the price of his. I imagine this girl has a lot saved up as who can resist a handmade keepsake this close to the Camino. We train coinscrossed some train tracks and Paul had the brilliant idea to lay some euros on the tracks and see if the train would flatten them, but we had no clue if a train would be coming soon. Maybe one minute later, we heard the bells and the gates lowered, it was go time. Paul laid three euros on the track and we watched as the train came by and shot them around. After the train passed, we went out to collect them. We found two of them which were semi flattened and quite warm. We couldn’t find the third, but found a different, totally flattened one to take with us. Finally, we are staying with other American’s and it is the last night. It was us, the two men from Georgia, a couple from San Diego, and a German couple.   This albergue had heated floors and the alberguelaundry actually dried overnight, it was awesome. We each had so much space as there were two rooms full of bunk beds. It was nice to spread out and put our packs on empty bunks. There was a sign in the albergue left by previous pilgrims that outlined three choices for dinner the closest supposedly didn’t have the best food, the second closest was supposed to be good, and the farthest one was far for people who had walked all day. So the couple from San Diego and us decided to go to the second one. When we got their the Georgian’s were there already and they informed us that most of the menu options were unavailable, but we were there so we had ate what they would give us. pilgrim friendsWe talked about things we saw that day and I asked the others if they met the girl selling bracelets, to which one of the guys rolled up his sleeve and showed that he had purchased several bracelets. I knew that girl was doing well for herself.  As we were eating and talking the German couple walked in and sat at our table and the man said, “Guess who is the house father” as he pulled out the key to the albergue. The man who checked us in had apparently called it a night and have the key to them to lock up.  We ate and shared stories about our journey and our lives for a long time and it was a great way to spend the last night before Santiago.

last night before Santiago

In the bunk bed. Last night before Santiago!

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