Camino Things…

In my journal I kept track of a few small lists. Things of the Camino that I felt were worth remembering.


Life Lessons and Thoughts:

  • I was just as grateful to see a sign saying I was headed the wrong way as I was arrow on treeseeing an arrow indicating I was on the right path.
  • One step at a time, don’t go to extremes to correct something. (After feeling a little warm and taking off my jacket, scarf, and long sleeved shirt, then promptly feeling too cold)

Sounds of the Camino:  

  • Roosters!
  • Barking dogs 🙁
  • Birds 🙂
  • Fireworks (all day on Easter and the next day) – we claimed it was for our anniversary
  • Church bells 🙂
  • Waterfalls and springs

Rooster waterfall

Songs stuck in my head:P1040646

  • Me and Bobby McGee
  • Shelter from the Storm
  • The Weight
  • Here Comes the Sun (Paul and I sang this together, we did not know all of the words)

Things we want to have:

  • An espresso machine
  • More Kinder Bueno
  • Oddly enough, ham and cheese sandwiches (more me than Paul) street view day 1
  • The orange juice machine (we later found out it is called a Zumex and is very expensive)

Movies we want to watch when we get home:

  • The Labyrinth
  • Princess Bride
  • National Treasure
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Things that point to Future Harwood:P1040478

  • The ceramic gift with a man, woman, and child
  • Christina told me that a woman pregnant with twins had our hotel room two nights before us
  • We fed a pregnant cat
  • I lit electronic candles under a pregnant statue in a church in Tuí

Things I want to learn more about: P1040570

  • The cathedral in Tuí
  • Other languages

Foods of the Camino:

  • Ham and cheese sandwiches
  • Orange Fanta
  • Natural orange juice (naranja natural)
  • Pastries
  • Café con leche/ espresso
  • Kinder Bueno
  • Mint tea

P1040081 ham and cheese and pastries

Looking back on these lists makes me smile. For some reason I left it was important to keep track of these things.

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